The Crown

During the early 1900’s, the rooms surrounding St. Paul Square Courtyard served as hotels, saloons, grocers and other small businesses. The Crown combined the former Palace Hotel and Bar (1905) and the Model Apartments (1907) to create one venue. Prochnow’s Drug Store, Felix J. Burg’s Barber Shop, and a cigar store were residents of the Palace Hotel in later years. The Model Restaurant and Wolfe Jaffe’s dry goods store were the Model Apartment’s first residents, followed by Stalling’s Confectionary Shop, a shoe repair shop, and the Prince and Waldorf Hotels.

Following the first area renewal in the 1970s, the two original buildings were home to a night club owned by then-Dallas Cowboys Tony Dorsett, Harvey Martin, and Ed “Too Tall” Jones. Today these rooms are charming venues for meetings and other special events. These restored spaces provide not only a unique setting for your event but also gives your guests a chance to step back in history and envision what these spaces used to be.


The Crown 1

Reception: 125, Theater: 125, Banquet: 100, Classroom: 60

The Crown 2

Reception 125, Theater: 80, Banquet: 110, Classroom: 50

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